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LuvBuds Crew Faves for Adventuring

With Punxsutawney Phil predicting another six weeks of winter, it’s never been a better time to beat the winter blues by planning out your summer road trips and outdoor adventures. The LuvBuds crew picked out some of our favorite must-haves for smokers with a wandering heart.

Calling all minimalist adventurers who like having smoking accessories that easily pack in a purse, backpack or pocket! We love the  Topp Puff which easily stores in a backpack and turns any water or soda bottle into a portable water pipe. Anything silicone sets your breakage worries free! The cute silicone strawberry keychain is a perfect attachment, and the silicone honey bee 2 in 1 comes with everything you need for dabbing or smoking and fits in a pocket or small pouch. For something discreet and functional, the bracelet pipe wears on your wrist or attaches to a backpack or purse and it looks like a paracord bracelet! The Complete Dab Straw Kit comes in a carry box with everything you need and is compact enough to fit in a fanny pack or crossbody purse. The accessory that’s a necessity is the TokBud! This underrated all-in-one utility tool acts as a grinder, poker, press, storage,has a hemp wick spool, mesh screen storage and a slot for a mini bic! Don't forget your lighter!

For the more sophisticated smoker, the Rio Rig with carrying case has everything you need to travel! The built-in butane burner with everything housed in a carry case ensures nothing is forgotten. No coils or batteries or lighter necessary to use the Rio Rig. We also enjoy vape pens like the Kandy Pen, Boundless Terp Pen, Lookah, Pax or Yocan for ease of use and pocket packability.

If you’re a wanderer who is not lost, but does not want to worry about losing or forgetting anything, we love the  High Hemp Magnetic Tray. At only 11.25 inches tall, 7.5 inches wide and one inch deep, the High Hemp Magnetic tray easily fits in any backpack. It has a magnetic lid keeps that keeps all your goodies stashed and comes with a couple sets of wraps so you can roll wherever you go. We also love the beautiful Bamboo Box. It’s packable, lightweight and only 7.5 inches long, 7 inches wide and 1.5 inches deep. The Bamboo Box easily fits into any backpack or purse and has a magnetic lid that houses 3 silicone jars, a dab tool and a silicone mat. It even has room for your mini torch inside! No loose ends here!

Wherever your summer adventures may lead you, our favorites are great for the wanderers who aren’t lost, but want to pack light and enjoy ease of use. From campfires, to long hikes, or even a festival or concert, these top picks are great to go wherever you may roam. Enjoy!