Top Must-Have Items to Build Your Inventory of Smoking Devices

May 31st 2018

If you are looking for options to stock your marijuana accessory store, or to simply create a range of products for your own personal collection, it can be a confusing task to navigate the wide array of options available for smoking herb. There are numerous options that present themselves in the current market and each of them has particular purposes which are catered to different types of user needs. Based on the different types of smoker levels of experience, there are different types of bongs or papers that you may need to stock and understand to better help your clientele.

Types of Pipes and Papers for Smoking

Hand Pipes

Hand pipes are ideal for beginners and can fit into the palm of your hand. If your customer is a casual smoker and likes to indulge once in a while, a hand pipe can be a great option. They are mostly made of glass, though there are other metal or silicon variations available. While these are quite convenient, smaller pipes can be a nightmare to clean and can require regular rinsing with acetone to maintain. They are also quite fragile.

While placing wholesale smoking pipes bulk orders, it is also necessary to ensure the holes of the pipes is of the right size to ensure good airflow and ease of cleaning, while if it is too large, you will need a stopper to prevent weed from falling into the bowl. Ensure you have a pipe with a thick, sturdy glass.

Water Pipe, or Bong

If you are looking for something catered to experienced users, a water pipe percolator or a bong can be a good idea. These have percolation chambers that convert smoke into water vapor, reducing the harshness of the smoke and can help in experiencing a smoother, cleaner experience. Found in all shapes and sizes, they can range in quality and artistry. These come in plastic, metal or glass materials.


If your customers are looking for something a little less expensive and on the more affordable side, rolling papers can be a good option for them. Based on the size, there are different types of rolling papers available. The general types of rolling papers available on the market include the single, the 1 ¼”, the 1 ½”, the double and the king. If your customer is looking for something that is practical for a single smoke, the 1 ¼” is the perfect size that provides better control and ease of rolling than the single. For groups, the king can be a better and is generally one of the most in-demand sizes. A great option for papers is the Raw king size cones.


For people who are not at all regular and want something that is more catered to on-the-go smoking experiences, “one-hitters” can be a great option to traditional pipes and bongs. These are small metal casings that can be packed with buds and smoked like cigarettes and can be useful for people looking to hide their cannabis usage.

For distinguished gentlemen, an old-fashioned gentleman’s pipe can work just as well. Wooden pipes also produce distinct flavor and texture to smoke that isn’t found with regular pipes and can be an excellent addition to any collector’s inventory.

With wholesale smoking pipes bulk, water pipes (bongs), gentlemen’s pipes, “one-hitters” and Raw king size cones, you can build your inventory and cater to a wide array of smoking needs for a diverse clientele.