​Why Are High Hemp Wraps So Popular?

Jun 15th 2018

As a dispensary owner or employee, High Hemp wraps are likely one of the staple items you keep in stock at all times. They can be found at a great price point, come in easy to display boxes, and are always in demand by customers. By why are High Hemp wraps so popular? What sets them apart from their competition?

100% Organic

Today, smokers are much more aware of the risks associated with smoking and the kinds of chemicals that are often added to rolling papers and wraps. High Hemp wraps are made with 100% organic hemp. According to the High Hemp website, “Our method of farming hemp is organic from the seed up. We pride ourselves in not using any formulated fertilizers, growth stimulants, antibiotics, or pesticides. Taking these measures will come to light when the consumer is smoking High Hemp with their legal herbal blends and can truly taste every note in their blend.”

Besides the cultivation of the hemp, High Hemp does not use any toxic ingredients in their adhesive. The vast majority of wrap manufacturers use glue with chemicals that are harmful when inhaled. High Hemp’s wraps are 100% organic, inside and out.

Tobacco Free

Most wraps contain trace amounts of tobacco or were even manufactured with tobacco inside as mini cigars. Marijuana smokers will purchase these mini cigars, empty them of tobacco, and smoke them with marijuana inside. Now that the industry is legal, there is no need for marijuana users to settle for products made to hold tobacco. Tobacco is more harmful to the lungs than marijuana, and smokers today know that. High Hemp wraps are completely tobacco free.

Flavors Customers Love

High Hemp wraps come in seven flavors: Maui Mango, Hydro Lemonade , Blazin Cherry , GrapeApe, HoneyPot Swirl, Minty, and Original. The variety of flavors allow almost every smoker to find one they enjoy. The flavored wraps kick the experience up a notch and allow for a different sensation each time they light up. High Hemp as been able to keep customers coming back time and time again through their variety of flavors and by regularly adding new ones.

High Hemp Wraps

High Hemp wraps are a product that customers demand and dispensaries happily supply. Keeping these items in stock at your dispensary will ensure that you get the business for ancillary products, not the guy down the street. 

The legal cannabis business is poised to get up to USD 39.4 Billion by 2023. Two main reasons drive its market size. One is the growing medical applications, and the other is the legalization of cannabis. This has become to reach a point where it is not just the customer base that is increasing but also the business players. That explains why there has also been an increase in rso recipe, leading to more cannabis supply.

The resulting graph that the Cannabis market is creating is enough for startups to look into the domain as a planned industry to spend in for high value.

As we look into the features, let us first look into the marketplace of cannabis.

Legal Cannabis Market

The market size that legalized cannabis is first backed by the sum of countries that have now initiated the idea of legal weed. Also, the "subsequent" because of the strong factual knowledge that more states will soon be joining the lineup.

The areas where cannabis is legalized at the current time is somewhat restricted; another side of the coin of the fact is that the number of countries now applying the idea of legalizing medical cannabis is gradually increasing. Moreover, growing with it is the number of players who are now starting the segment.

Medical Cannabis Delivery Mobile App

Where growth and consumption of cannabis are legalized, with the assistance of the On-Demand Medical Cannabis Delivery App Development organization. A mobile App was built with a special place for itself in the medical cannabis delivery Mobile App industry; many other brands are working towards offering the same level of service in the countries and states.

On-demand Medical Cannabis Delivery Mobile Mobile App

All the various players of the On-demand Medical Cannabis Delivery Mobile App business are operating in one or the other company model.

Three used business models make a venture.

Medical Cannabis Delivery Mobile App Development Industry's Business Models

  • Delivery Specific

Under this business model, you can focus your energy on simply being a delivery partner. You can work around whether you want to buy jilly bean seeds, track the delivery of orders made and items delivered.

  • Single Store Startup

Here, you can start your store and also keep the delivery part under your forte. This way, you will earn from both the store and the delivery charges while expanding your business capabilities.

  • Aggregator Startup

Running in the line of Amazon and eBay, you can start your business as an aggregator, which brings stores and customers in one place. So, what your role would be is that you will be managing the order and delivery of cannabis along with managing the groundwork recording of inventory that stores have.

Now, irrespective of which business model, out of these three most commonly adopted ones, you plan to base your cannabis delivery Mobile App on, the list of features that are in many ways a list of must-haves is something that would be omnipresent across all.