lock plus


LuvBuds is the Master Distributor of Toker Pokers to the dispensary trade channel in the USA, so we're offering the cheapest price anywhere in the country during this promotional period. You will get the coolest gadget in the business at the lowest price and be able to sell this at 25% below market price (normally sold for $10, now retail them at $7.50) AND recieve free Coaster with any order. Also, buy 3 POP displays of more, recieve a free stand for your store.

The Ultimate all inclusive lighter tool. Includes lighter case, retractable stainless steel poker, stainless steel tamper. The Built-in Stainless-Steel TAMPER/HAMMER keeps things packed down tight allowing your little mini-campfires to amber a nice cherry red. The trick is making sure you pack down your fire source loose enough for air-flow, but tight enough so that debris doesn’t pull through on you.

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