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Futurola - Blunt Cone - 1 1/4 - 400 Cones Per Box

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Futurola was born from Future Coffee Shop in Amsterdam in 1996. Their love for cones started with the original Futurola King Size Cones Roller, created by their founders. The essence of Futurola is exquisite Rolling Paper, the bridge between our historic Rolling Accessories, and iconic Pre-Rolled Production System. 

Futurola® Pre-Rolled Blunt Cones are handcrafted to the highest quality-control standards using tobacco-free/nicotine-free Futurola® Blunt Paper. Designed for maximum compatibility with the Futurola Knockbox + Standard Attachments. Divided into 4 humidity-controlled packs of 100 cones + sealed for optimal freshness. Incompatible with Reefer Size, Party Size + Fatboy Filling Kits. Please note that these are bulk cones in a 400 count, and are not packaged for retail sale as rolling papers.


400 Cones per Box

84mm Cone

26mm Filter Tip

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