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GRAV 12mm Taster With Silicone Skin - Dark Teal

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Hey, clumsy smoker! We've got the perfect solution for you - the GRAV Taster with a silicone skin that's as bouncy as your personality! No more worrying about breaking your Taster when you accidentally drop it (or throw it across the room in excitement). The pinched mouthpiece is not only stylish, but it also acts as an ash catcher - so you can kiss those pesky bits of ash goodbye and when you're done smoking, just pop the cap on the end to keep your herb safe and sound. It's like a little home for your bud! Cleaning? Piece of cake... just peel off the silicone skin and wash it in a jiffy. Say goodbye to fragile Tasters and hello to the GRAV Taster - the perfect smoking companion for the accident-prone!

What's better than a GRAV Taster? A GRAV® Taster you can throw across the room without breaking it. The silicone skin on the new 12mm GRAV Taster is as bouncy and shock-absorbent as can be. The pinched mouthpiece acts as an ash catcher, and the cap at the end of the taster keeps your bud in place, making the new assembly truly pocketable and portable. The entire silicone skin comes off for easy cleaning, and you can just peel back the end cap during use.

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