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Halo Electric Rig and Refill Package Deal | 1 Black E-rig and 3x Replacement Atomizers

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Want to get the most out of your concentrates and keep your rig working like a charm? Look no further than the Rig & Refill Package! For just $60, you'll get a VH001BK Halo Electric Rig plus THREE VH003 Halo Electric Rig Atomizers. That's a fantastic margin builder and a must-have item for any preferred dispensary! Say goodbye to the hassle of constantly restocking and get your package before it's too late!


Halo Portable Smart Dab E-Rig offers four preset temp settings (480F, 600F, 680F and 750F) that are fine-tuned and precisely calibrated to extract the most beneficial active ingredients in your concentrates. Whether you prefer a thinner or a fat dab, on different forms of wax, Halo eRig provides you the ideal temperature setting right on the ripping point to get a best taste.

It features a nichrome coil, which behaves similarly to the oft-encountered kanthal coil, but heats faster and has more resistance. With 8 holes of percolation, the halo glass top definitely filters each plume of vapor without compromise its delicate palette of flavors for you.
Designed with a slim & sleek figure and intuitive operation, this unit makes your dabbing a simple and comfortable experience. 

 Temperature setting upgraded from 3 to 4 options. 
 Faster heating time and more precise temperature control system.
 A smarter and more reliable power management system has been added which • Supports a longer battery life ( supports more than 50 cycles).
 A protection system has been added so the device will start the auto-shutoff protection program in case of a short-circuit or over-heat. 
 Inserts increased to a higher capacity for bigger dabs.


The Halo Atomizer is designed for optimal heat performance. It's made without the use of any glues, plastics or fibers, creating the purest consumption experience ever.

- Avoid disassembling your atomizer, clean fully assembled in 99% isopropyl alcohol.
- Avoid overloading, this will flood your atomizer and break it.

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