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King Palm Flavored Corn Husk Filter Tips 2pk Pouch 50ct Counter Display - Berry Terps

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  • Berry Terps Filter Tips from King Palm are a safe and easy way to add some fruity berry flavor to your favorite rolling papers, blunt wraps, and cigarillos. Made from natural corn husk, each filter tip has a built-in flavor pearl made with terpene-infused food grade essential oils that provide a subtle flavor that complements your dry herb. Squeeze and pop the filter to activate the flavor; tips will taste unflavored until the pearl bursts. Each pack of tips includes two individual 7mm filters that can be used to roll up a joint or blunt. These filters provide a taste of King Palm no matter what type of wrap your customers use to roll up. Instead of burning the flavor additives like most flavored papers, the flavor remains in the filter so there are no harmful fumes produced. King Palm Filter Tips are the safest way to enjoy a flavored wrap!
  • BERRY TERPS | Add a touch of fruity berry flavor to any joint or blunt. The terpene-infused filters complement the natural flavors in the strain without being overpowering.
  • FLAVOR PEARL | Each filter has a terpene-infused flavor pearl nestled inside. Squeeze the filter until you feel a pop to activate the flavor. If the ball isn't crushed, the filter will taste unflavored.
  • 7MM SIZE | 7mm is the smallest size filter King Palm makes. They are extremely effective and are ideal for rolling up joints and blunts.
  • CORN HUSK | King Palm filters are made from all-natural, non-GMO corn husks. Squeeze the filter while you inhale to cool the smoke and make it less harsh.
  • 50CT DISPLAY | Each counter display includes 50 individual pouches. Each pouch is packed with 2 filters.

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