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OCB Virgin Cone King Size Bulk - 800ct

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OCB papers are one of the oldest cigarette rolling papers around, which means they've refined their process countless times.

Burning smooth and slow, OCB has crafted the perfect blend of papers with Organic Arabic Gum.

Pick your favorite OCB papers and choose whether you want them with tips or not, complete to your preference!

Still made in France, OCB brings you this minimally processed, unbleached super thin rolling paper for those who like to roll.

Made from sustainably harvested forest fibers this paper is easy to roll and burns slowly and evenly for a superior smoking experience.

The rolling papers made by OCB are known to be ultra thin and chlorine free. This helps with the slow burning process.

The natural brown OCB Virigin King Size cones are 109mm with 26mm tips. Each King Size paper fits up to 1 gram of ground material.

Please note that these are bulk cones in a 800 count, and are not packaged for retail sale as rolling papers.

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