Arizona Dispensary Supplies Wholesale

LuvBuds is a one-stop-shop for Arizona dispensary supplies wholesale. Keep your medical patients happy with glass pipes, bongs, concentrate accessories, as well as employees well supplied with gloves and bags. There is no need for your dispensary to only sell basic flower. Offer ancilliary products for a higher average ticket and great margins. It's a win-win, this also means less stops for your patients to get the supplies they need!

Looking to stock your Arizona dispensary with the variety of products your customers demand? LuvBuds, based out of Colorado, is the leading Arizona dispensary supplies wholesaler. We have been in the importing business for decades so know how to get you the best products at unbeatable prices. With demand growing for new and innovative smoking supplies, take advantage of the foot traffic you bring in for your medical products to provide everything from glass pipes to dab rigs as well. Trends in smoking are always changing, keep an eye out for new products so you can keep up with demand!

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