Colorado Dispensary Supplies Wholesale

Colorado is the birth place of the industry - and it's also the birth place of LuvBuds! We are the first premier supplier of wholesale dispensary supplies. We find products to stock your dispensary shelves at killer prices to make sure you've got great margins. We carry everything from your basic glass pipe to custom pre-rolled cones with your dispensary's logo. We ship to every state but are best known for our Colorado dispensary supplies wholesale. With weekly deliveries to Denver, Aurora, Lakewood, Longmont, Boulder, Colorado Springs, & more there is no reason to shop anywhere else.

Is your Colorado dispensary taking full advantage of all of the ancillary products you could be selling? We supply a majority of dispensaries located in Denver, Colorado Springs, Boulder, Longmont, Lakewood, Aurora, Fort Collins, Pueblo, and more with all their wholesale supply needs. We even offer weekly delivery to the Denver metro area, Boulder, and Colorado Springs. Our customer service is next to none and our long list of Colorado customers proves that. The wide variety of products we stock means you don't have to shop anywhere else, and we stand by every step of the sales process. Receive a broken bong? We'll replace it. Need a shipment rushed? No problem. Want something customized not shown on our website? Just give us a call! You don't get to be the leading Colorado dispensary wholesale supplier by not being the best at what we do.

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