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White Rhino Slider Glass Blunt Bulk POP Display | 49ct

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A glass blunt is a great option for anyone who loves the ease and portability of smoking blunts but is sick of having to buy pack after pack of wraps. The glass blunt can be repacked again and again, making it a great value! These slider glunts are so simple to use and even easier to clean. Simply pull the mouthpiece all the way out to remove the inner tube , and both pieces can be soaked in alcohol or Ooze Resolution cleaning gel. Slide it back in and you’re ready to go. The glass blunt slider also provides more control over the smoking experience, and exactly how much you want to smoke in a given sitting. The mouthpiece can slide all the way to the end, and the chamber packed completely full. Or, it can be packed just half an inch or so, which would be closer to smoking a bowl from a regular hand pipe. This sleek, professional POP display has 49 glass blunts packed neatly inside.


  • GLASS BLUNT | The White Rhino Glass Blunt is a great alternative to smoking tobacco blunt wraps. This is a piece that can be loaded up, smoked, and repacked again and again.
  • SLIDER | These are slider style glass blunts, which means that the mouthpiece slides out to pack the pipe. This makes it easy to pack, slowly ash as it’s smoked, and then easy to take apart and clean.
  • SLIM | This is a slim, compact piece that can actually fit more weed inside than one may expect. When compact, it is 4” tall, and 6” tall when the mouthpiece is extended. Pack a full blunt’s worth of flower inside.
  • CONTROL | The slider style allows for precise control over how much is smoked. Extend the mouthpiece fully to fill it to capacity, or just pack a few hits inside by just pulling the mouthpiece out an inch or two.
  • 49CT DISPLAY | This is a super compact and sophisticated POP display. It is a white cardboard base that has 49 glass blunts inserted standing upright. Individual sliders do not have their own packaging so customers can see exactly what they’ll get.

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