California Dispensary Supplies Wholesale

Any dispensary shop owner knows that there is some great revenue to be made on ancillary products. There is no need to send customers to the smoke shop down the street when you could keep buyers in your dispensary by stocking rolling papers, pipes, vape pens, and more. With LuvBuds, you can get these California dispensary supplies wholesale at unbeatably low prices to make sure you can collect a great margin on them. Take a look at the top categories for California dispensaries.

When selecting the items with your smoke shop, it's important to find a California dispensary supplies wholesaler with a history in the import business. LuvBuds is just that supplier! With decades of experience in importing, we know how to find and build relationships with the makers of bongs, pipes, rolling papers, grinders, and more that will get you awesome products at amazing prices. We do all of the leg work so you don't have to. Stock your shelves with the basics but you can also get the latest and greatest smoking gadgets at LuvBuds.

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