Wholesale Glass Bongs

Shop our wholesale glass bongs to stock your dispensary or smoke shop at great low prices. The glass bong has been a staple of the smoking scene for decades, some would even say an icon! Fads come and go but the glass bong seems to always be in style. Check out our selection for the newest looks, classic body shapes, and even innovations like dab rigs and unique percolating systems.

Keep your customers from spending anywhere else by stocking a variety of ancillary products in your smoke shop or dispensary. Get great prices on wholesale glass bongs, dab rigs, water pipes, you name it at LuvBuds. We've been in the importing business for decades and have taken our expertise to this industry to get you the best products and best prices possible. Take a look at our core glass bongs and keep an eye out for a regular stream of new products!

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