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6.5" Dab Tube with Donut | Assorted Pastel Colors


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Introducing the Donut Dab Deluxe! The hilarious 6.5" dab tube that'll have you glazed and amused. Crafted in a medley of pastel colors, this nectar collector will be the life of any party. Our Donut design technology cools smoke for the hugest, smoothest tokes imaginable. Be warned: your friends will be jelly-filled with envy. Each nectar collector is handcrafted, so expect a one-of-a-kind, sprinkle of artistic variation. Grab your Donut Dab Deluxe today and toke your way to a hole new level of fun!

Due to the unique hand crafted style in which this nectar collector was created each nectar collector will look similar to the nectar collector in the photos but there can be slight artistic variations.

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Width: 1.25
Height: 6.50
Depth: 0.50