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Boveda 8 Gram 10 pack | 62% - 8 Grams | 10 Pack (PROTECTS UP TO 1 OZ)

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Are you tired of your sticky, fluffy bud turning into dry, crumbly disappointment? Look no further than Boveda's 8-gram, 10 pack of cannabis humidity control packs! With 2-way humidity control at 62%, you'll prevent terpene loss, mold, and overdrying for up to 1 ounce of your precious herb. Slip one of these bad boys into your airtight container and let the magic happen!

Keep up to an ounce of cannabis or hemp fresh with 62% Size 8 Boveda cannabis humidity control packs. Using a Boveda pack keeps your weed mold-free and prevents it from overdrying for months. It’s as easy as slipping the small brown packet into your weed container.

62% RH is for:

  • People who live in dry climates
  • People who live in high altitudes
  • Those who prefer cannabis that is very sticky and fluffy
  • Reviving dry weed

Size 8 is for:

  • Medium-sized airtight weed storage containers, including airtight jars, CVaults, bags, or canisters
  • Keeping up to an ounce (28 grams) of weed fresh

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