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Lookah FIREBEE 650mAh Vape Pen Battery | 510 Threaded | Assorted Colors | 15 Unit POP

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The Lookah FIREBEE 510 threaded pen battery vape has 3 temperature controls and 650mAh of power for your 510 vape cartridges. THIS IS A 15 UNIT POP DISPLAY.

This slimline vape battery is 98mm long and 14mm in diameter so it slides easily into any pocket or purse.

The large-capacity battery has a digital display has a segmented battery readout. Together those show the voltage setting and the remaining battery life. 

The battery is available in one of 5 colors.  Black, grey, red, blue, or orange.

How to Use the FIREBEE 510 thread battery.

Turn on/off  - 5 clicks of the power button within 2 seconds. 
Change voltage mode - double-click the power button.

Three voltages 
Mode 1, 3.2V  Mode 2, 3.6V Mode 3, 4.0V. 
The voltage is indicated by a number (1, 2, or 3) shown on the display screen. 
To vape - Press and hold thew power button for up to 10 seconds while inhaling from the vape cartridge. 

The Lookah FIREBEE can be used with Lookah 510 thread wax cartridges as well as many 510 threaded prefilled and refillable cartridges. This discreet and easy-to-use battery is super affordable and very portable. 

Package contents.
1 Firebee 510 thread vape battery. 

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