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RAW Bristle Pipe Cleaners | 24 Cleaners per Bundle | 48 Bundles per Box

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Raw Bristle Hemp Pipe Cleaner's make keeping your pipe looking like new a breeze. Made from natural, unbleached hemp and wrapped around an iron core, these pipe cleaners make a great addition to your cleaning regimen. Strong, absorbent, and flexible the Raw Hemp Pipe Cleaners can reach into small spaces to break up build up that can't be broken down by cleaning solutions. The bristled cleaners provide a rougher texture than the soft cleaners and provide a stronger option for breaking down build up. Each bundle contains 24 pipe cleaners.

  • Unbleached Hemp
  • Great for Cleaning Stubborn Build Up
  • Keeps Pipes Looking New
  • Iron Core

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Width: 3.25
Height: 5.75
Depth: 1.00