Most metal herb grinders today have sharp teeth that are rigid and are made to “shred” dry herbs into a material that can be easily manipulated. This stems from the original designs that were made to cut through stems and fully grind dry herbs into a consistency that allowed for rolling and packing. This is no longer necessary for a majority of dry herbs available today! The Grynder’s small, rounded teeth are designed to separate and grind fluffy and sometimes sticky dry herbs into a usable material, all without stripping any of the quality from the dry herb.

Most metal herb grinders are designed with flat edges in the interior, allowing for buildup of plant matter in corners, leading to grinders getting stuck. Not only does it make using the grinder more difficult, it is stealing the quality of your dry herb as terpenes and other compounds are gathered in the edges rather than sticking to the ground material. The Stache Grynder has rounded edges all-throughout the interior. This means that the already reduced amount of stripped plant material and beneficial compounds are naturally funneling into the bottom chamber! There are no right-angles for dry herb to collect.

The 5-Piece Grynder model has a storage compartment built into the top piece, allowing for safe storage of your dry herbs. No more need for dime bags or dugouts to carry your product, take whole buds with you in your Grynder and keep the smell and taste fresh!

The 5-piece model has a pollen screen that is common for many 4-piece dry herb grinders on the market. Though there is reduced pollen being stripped from the dry herb thanks to the Grynder’s innovative design, the small percentage that is still affected can be easily collected into the pollen chamber thanks to the beveled edges and pollen screen.

Available Colors: Black, Purple, Blue, Green, Red, Silver, and Rainbow