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"I, LuvBuds" LED GLOW TRAY | Assorted Colors (red, white, green)

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You know what's better than smoking with a boring old tray? Smoking with the I, LuvBuds Glow Tray, that's what! It's like having a disco ball for your buds, except instead of Tony Manero, you have your favorite strains dancing to the beat. And with its quick charge USB cord, you'll never have to worry about a dimly lit sesh. Plus, it comes in a great felt bag and retail-ready packaging, making it the perfect gift for your smoking squad. So why settle for dull when you can have dazzling? Get an I, LuvBuds Glow Tray today and let the good times roll!

The new I, LuvBuds Glow Tray

Partially Pre-Charged

Multiple Color Options

Quick Charge USB cord 

Comes in a Great Felt Bag and Retail Ready Packaging

Available in Multiple Colors (ships assorted)

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