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3.5" Slime Mouth Honeycomb Hand Pipe | Assorted Colors


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Ever wanted to reach out to the cosmos, have a little chat with a nebula, maybe tickle a comet or two? Look no further than our 3.5" Slime Mouth Honeycomb Hand Pipe. This little device of wonder, decked out in a fetching assortment of colors and a beehive design that is your one-way ticket to a universe of flavor. The Black Bowl Technology - also known as the 'Flavor Portal to the Stars' - delivers an interstellar taste sensation that's quite literally unending. Like a comet, it's also a fantastic margin builder zooming across the fiscal sky! It's preferred by dispensaries across the galaxy - now that's cosmic approval! Each pipe is individually crafted with love and slight artistic variations - because just like you, every star is unique.

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