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3" Assorted Bulk Chillums *Fits in POS Display


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These chillums are solid, with great design variety, hand blown in India, about 30g weight per piece.

No carb hole makes for easy smoking while on the move, and the generous size bowl allows for a decent session with a few friends without having to re-pack fresh hits every time you pass it.

We recommend a retail of $5, though some clients go as low as $3 and as high as $10.

Healthy margins and a guaranteed fast mover, these should be in every dispensary, smoke shop, and convenience store across the country!

  • Color, weight, and style may vary

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These are really great! Loves these things
Posted by Clinton Cundiff on Mar 8th 2022


Pretty thick. Good stuff. 3rd time over bought them.
Posted by A.R. on Oct 26th 2021


high quality, heavy gauged glass, great price and service
Posted by paul bromm on Jul 16th 2021


Additional info

Width: 2.00
Height: 4.00
Depth: 2.00