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60mm 2-Piece Magnetic Acrylic Grinder | 24 pk | Retail Display

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Bargain Shredding Machine

Looking to spice up your smoke sessions without breaking the bank? Say hello to our 60mm 2-Piece Magnetic Acrylic Grinder! In one swift turn, this little gadget will turn your world around. With a full spectrum of assorted colors, it's a veritable rainbow of functionality. Your herbs won't stand a chance against this budget buster! Plus, thanks to its magnetic personality, no precious particles will dare to escape. As a preferred dispensary item and a fantastic margin builder, this retail display of 24 grinders is guaranteed to elevate your counter. Why wait? Let's get grinding! Click to buy now and join the revolution.

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Width: 9.75
Height: 10.75
Depth: 2.50