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Aloe Vera Hand Sanitizer [75% alcohol] (12oz)

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Product Features 
* Attention Getting & Keeping 
* 75% Alcohol. (Highest available)
* 12oz size.
* Big 4CC pump top.
* Attention grabbing non-generic look.
* Thick branded bottle with impressions.
* With 75% alcohol (the highest content available) people feel safe and clean using Natural Wünderz Hand Sanitizer.
Feeling clean & natural...

COVID-19 has truly put a damper on all of our daily routines. Often times cleaning our hands with immediacy creates a sense of security instantaneously. with 75% alcohol, you are sure to sanitize your skin quickly and effectively.

The other amazing quality of Natural Wünderz Hand Sanitizers is that they gently moisturize your hands and skin. This rehydration is important because with repeated use, hand sanitizers can be very drying.

If you are looking for the best hand sanitizers money can buy, look no further. You have reached the end of the rainbow.

It's like getting a bottle of water in the middle of a firestorm.

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