Get Wholesale Head Shop Products and Raw King Size Cones

Aug 20th 2018

An important part of doing business as a dispensary is finding a great supplier of ancillary products. LuvBuds has become a leading wholesale head shop supplier because of our great prices, wide selection, and excellent customer service. To place an order you have a variety of options from ordering through our website, to sending an email, to giving us a call.

A Little Bit About Wholesale Head Shop Products

In the city of Denver, we specialize in the wholesale business of paraphernalia. We provide everything but the bud for your dispensary or smoke shop. So, come to us and enjoy our range of products and services. Trust us when we say you are in for a real treat at great prices and even more amazing discounts.

Raw King Size Cones

What is the best part about smoking a joint? Besides actually enjoying the product, it is rolling the joint. To make it enjoyable though, you have to make sure you are selecting the best paper. And, where is it you will look for that? Of course it is us you should call. You obviously don't want papers that are dipped in chemicals like chlorine. It’s important to research what exactly is in the rolling papers you smoke with, because anything in the paper and its adhesive will enter your lungs when you smoke. We want to enhance your experience regarding smoking that is why you must use our raw king size cones for your cannabis. You will be thrilled to know that we sell it even in wholesale. In order to get the best products at unbelievable rates, come to us.

What to Keep in Mind Before Buying Raw King Size Cones

There are quite a few things you have to consider while you make your purchase. Although, long time users must know about all this it can still be of great help to have a few other details.

Keep the size of the rolling paper in mind. If you have a lot of friends sharing the joint then it will be of great help to use a raw king size cone. We have every size of rolling paper, choose the one according to your need. Go for smaller sizes for personal use to ensure you keep the product fresh. No one likes the taste of a re-lit joint.

Take a look at our Raw products to get started!