How to Stock up the Best Wholesale Smoking Accessories for Your Shop

May 31st 2018

The right accessories are absolutely necessary for every avid smoker to have, but finding them all at once can be a nightmare. If you are thinking of entering the marijuana business or are looking to expand your collection of smoking accessories and bongs for your dispensary, this is the ideal guide to help you find the best types of accessories and bongs you will need for an impressive collection.

Let’s start with the basics. When you are planning to stock up, there are a few cheap smoking accessories wholesale you will need to go for. These include-

1. Grinders

A grinder is absolutely indispensable for any smoker and is the first accessory you need to incorporate in your collection. Whether people like rolling their joints or packing smoking bowls or pipes, a grinder can help in ensuring that they have a consistent smoke. They break apart the herb without touching it, which can reduce risks associated with lowered potencies. They are generally made of aluminum and have interlocking teeth to break apart the herb and allows it to fall into a lower chamber with the help of holes.

2. Stash Cans

Stash cans are designed to discreetly store the stash and blend in with everyday items to help store the herbs comfortably.

3. Ashcatchers

These can help keep smoking accessories clean and provide an enhanced filtered experience. Ashcatchers can prevent the deposition of debris in the main piece and make the smoking experience a great deal smoother.

4. Bowls

Bowls can help customize the smoking experience and keeping your place stocked with high-quality bowls can ensure that people have different options while smoking up.

5. Torches

Torches can help drive setups that need much higher levels of heat and are sought after due to the capability of producing consistent high-temperature flames for a better smoking experience.

6. Scales

Scales can help keep track of how much people are smoking up and can be of amazing help if they are using cannabis as medication.

7. Water pipes

Water pipe percolators, also known as bongs, are one of the most common types of smoking devices and you will need to stock a wide array of wholesale glass bongs in a wide range of types, shapes and sizes.

-Straight (Diffused Downstem)

This is the simplest type of bong with a straight tube having slits at the base that go underwater, allowing the smoke to pass through water and thereby cooling it down.


With around 4-64 arms, these help to diffuse the smoke and the arms are open bottomed or closed and have slits on the sides. Based on the size of the slits, there can be more diffusion. The more the smoke is separated, the better the filtration or percolation.


These are domed enclosures that can allow the smoke to pass through slits and holes where the dome meets the bottom part of the percolator. They allow diffusion by the smoke passing through the dome and separating when it exits through the holes on the edges.

8. Pipes

While bongs are good for improving the filtration and percolation, they are not exactly very portable. Pipes may be made of silicon, metal or glass and allow for diffused smoking.

9. Rolling paper

If people want to keep it simple and go for a plain old jay, papers are their best companion and are one of the essentials for your shop.

With Cheap smoking accessories wholesale and cult favorite smoking accessories like wholesale glass bongs, you can stock up your dispensary with products that will keep your customers coming back for more.