​Love Raw Cones? Here Is a Guide on How You Should Choose Rolling Papers

Jun 4th 2018

Rolling a joint is one of the most basic tasks in the world of smoking, and choosing the right papers is key. There are a lot of unsafe rolling papers out there contaminated with chemicals - some even contain chlorine. To keep your smoking experience free from chemicals, it’s important to do your research and buy quality papers from trusted sellers.

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What You Should Consider Before Buying Rolling Papers

The Size
When the question is about selecting the ‘right’ rolling paper, remember that the number of people about to smoke the joint is the most important determinant. It also varies on how you plan to smoke it.

Rolling papers popularly come in five different sizes. From smallest to largest they are single, 1¼ inches, 1½ inches, double, and king.

Single wide is ideal for a person who wishes to smoke a cone alone. It is small enough though that it may be difficult to roll. The length is 68-70 mm, and the width is 34-36 mm.

1¼ inches is ideal for a larger joint for a single person, and recommended for a group of up to 3 people. It looks similar to the shape of a cigarette but is more like a cone. It is one of the most popular sizes with a length of 76-78 mm and a width of 45-48 mm.

For a group of 1-3 smokers who want a longer hit, 1½ inches paper is a great size. The length is 76-78 mm again, but the width is 60-62 mm.

Double wide papers are for the pros, as you have to be careful while rolling them, lest you will end up smoking more paper than marijuana. These will surely give you a good hit! The length is 76-78 mm and the width ranges between 63-88 mm.

King rolling papers are required when you are in a group of at least five people and you want to make sure everyone enjoys the ‘high’ equally. The length is 100-110 mm and the width is 55-60 mm.

Say No to Bleached White
You should invest in natural looking rolling papers and not types that are heavily bleached, for example the popular ‘white’ coloured rolling papers. They are clearly unhealthy owing to the various chemicals used in their making.

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You should keep in mind certain points before buying rolling papers like their color and size. Buy rolling papers, wholesale smoking pipes, bongs, and raw cones wholesale for the best smoking experience.