Smoking Supplies Every Dispensary Must Have

Smoking Supplies Every Dispensary Must Have

Aug 14th 2019

Throughout history, pipe smoking was considered a sacred ritual and in some cultures it still is. In today’s society, people have found new and modern ways to enjoy smoking. Smoking has become more than just relaxing, it has become more about the experience and everything that goes with it.

Whether sitting in solitude and pondering their day or with a group of friends, smokers are drawn to a hobby that millions in history have enjoyed as well. There have been plenty of ways by which smokers have enjoyed inhaling and the feeling of cannabis.

Here is a list of a few smoking supplies, that every dispensary must have.


Vaping is a quick-acting and discreet way to smoke. “Vaping” short for “vaporization” is where the user consumes cannabis vapor of aerosol heated at low temperatures. This has become more popular in recent years because vaping is much easier on the respiratory system. There are many types of vaping products available such as cannabis extract vapes that can come in large desktop models to small portable vapes, to vape pens that are so small you can keep in your pocket at all times. Look through our assortment of Vaping supplies to see what is the best option for your customers.


A bong is a cylindrical water pipe that is used for smoking cannabis, tobacco or any herbal substances. The purpose of a bong is to cool the smoke being inhaled by passing it through chambers filled with ice or water which smooths out the smoke to make it a more pleasurable smoking experience. Bongs come in a variety of assortments such as glass, wood, and silicone. Look through our assortment of Bongs.

Organic raw smoking cones

The organic cone is a nice tasting smoke. It is best labeled as light, pure and natural. Try organic rolling papers which are made of pure fiber of a plant. Organic here means which is grown without using non-natural fertilizer or harsh pesticides. The shape of the raw organic cone lets the tobacco burn less with every puff that you take. With Raw rolling papers, you can take your smoking experience to a whole new, smooth and pure level. Explore some our pre-rolled cones. Stock up on a variety of sizes and brands to keep customers happy and sales up.

Hand Pipes

Another common way to smoke cannabis is using a hand pipe. Hand pipes are compact and portable and they come in a variety of designs and sizes. You can enjoy privately or share with friends. This way of consuming cannabis will never go out of style and will be one of your best sellers in store. Our hand pipe selection will blow your mind.


The art of smoking a chillum comes right down to holding it properly. Never hold the chillum vertically. Inhaling chillum smoke is an art unto itself. One has to be careful since the hit is very strong and can overwhelm the novice smoker the first few times around. The best method is to draw 2-3 short puffs to really get the product smoking and then inhale deeply to enjoy the hit.

There are many more in the box to discover and own. The pleasure of inhaling every puff with each smoking supply is divine in its own way.

Look at our variety of Chillums in stock and suitable supplies for your customer that enjoys instant gratification. 

So, what are you waiting for?! Go grab a bulk of wholesale smoking pipes, raw cones or a classy vape pen, anything that gets your customers into a higher state.