​Things to Consider When Buying a New Bong or Water Glass Pipe

Jun 6th 2018

Bongs are an essential piece of inventory for dispensaries and smoke shops to keep in stock. Selecting the types to stock are based on the experience level of your customers. There are wholesale bongs and pipes bulk availability, and wholesale glass pipes in Denver, which will make your bong-buying experience even better. Look for authentic sellers be it from stores or online websites.

Tips on Buying a New Bong

Be considerate of the size: While a big bong can give you a massive hit, remember that it is hard to store a giant-sized bong and it is very susceptible to breaking too! It is a good idea to only purchase an over-sized water pipe if you have a safe place to store it. It also takes some practice to properly hit huge bongs. If you have friends who do not know the right techniques, like how to correctly hold a bong, or know how to drop the ice onto the percs, then it is likely that your bong would break sooner than later.

Check the material used: Bongs come in a variety of materials including glass, plastic, and metal as well as ceramic pieces. Glass bongs are easier to clean and give a very fancy appearance, which makes it the most popular choice amongst cannabis lovers. The downside however, is that glass bongs are very fragile, and unless you plan to invest on scientific glass bongs, take fragility into consideration. If you are a frequent traveler, and don’t want to leave your bong behind, buy a plastic or metal one as they are highly portable and less likely to break.

Check the complexity level: If you are a newbie in this field, you should stick to a simple bong and not the one that has ice trays, percs, and different chambers. Complex bongs can be bought when you become seasoned as a pot smoker.

Check the price: If you do not already have a clear idea of the type of bong you like, stick to the low end of the price range until you are confident about the type of bong you like. You don’t have to compromise to start off with an inexpensive piece. There are many vendors and brands available in the market that overcharge you for the same. Be a frugal buyer and try to get the best bong at the most affordable rate.

When hitting a bong for the first time, keep many munchies in handy, as you may feel very hungry after smoking up. Your mouth will also feel dry and therefore it is essential to keep yourself hydrated by surrounding yourself with liquids. Remember that you will feel that time is passing by slowly as your sensations will slow down, but that should not be worry about. Relax and be calm and enjoy your first bong experience!

You can buy wholesale bongs and pipes bulk and wholesale glass pipes in Denver easily. Buy from authentic sources only and keep your ID in handy, and always carry enough cash. You should keep some points in mind before purchasing a bong, for instance, their size, material used, and so on. You can purchase wholesale bongs and pipes bulk and wholesale glass pipes in Denver with a lot of ease.