Using Custom Dispensary Supplies to Market Your Dispensary

Jul 6th 2018

Although legal for recreational consumption in many states, much of the marijuana industry is still wading in uncertain waters. Many large banks will not do business with dispensaries, it can be difficult to get insurance, and tax law is complicated and ever-changing. For this reason, dispensaries have had to get creative when it comes to marketing. With marketing expenses not tax deductible, one of the smartest ways to get your brand out there is through branding the products you sell. By putting your logo on pre-rolled cones, lighters, bags, and whatever else you sell, you can send customers home with a walking advertisement. Best of all, unlike pure advertising, these branded items are able to be deducted as merchandise.

Custom Pre-Rolled Cones

Did you know you can put your logo on pre-rolled cones? Ready-to-smoke cones are a popular dispensary item for both sampling new strains and for those looking for an easy smoking experience. With pre-rolled cones there is no need to buy marijuana and empty cones separately, and no risk of ending up with a poorly rolled joint that is hardly smokable.

With how popular these cones are, it’s no wonder they are one of the most popular items to customize. Get your brand as closely associated with your great product as possible! Each time these cones are picked up, the smoker will get a visual reminder of where they got the cone from and are more likely to come back to you for more.

Custom Lighters

In the marijuana community, lighters get passed around more than any other accessory. Take advantage of “walking lighters” by putting your brand on custom lighters. They’re an economical choice for advertising your dispensary, are great to give out at events and trade shows, and will end up being passed around from smoker to smoker. Financially they will count as products, not solely advertising, but can still help to get your name out there.

Custom Dispensary Supplies

Beyond just cones and lighters, there are a myriad of other dispensary supplies than can be customized. T-shirts, grinders, j-tubes, and just about anything else you can think of can be customized. Brand recognition can take time to build, and getting your logo and brand name out there as much as possible can be done economically. Even with the tight financial and tax rules imposed on the marijuana industry, there are still ways to advertise without taking huge hits to your bottom line.