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"I LUV YOU BONG TIME" Glass Cleaner | 40 Packets per Retail Point of Sale Display

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40 Pack Retail Display

I LUV YOU BONG TIME Glass Cleaner is an alternative to cleaning your smoking accessories that is better for both your glass and the environment. Clean your piece with no hands and let I LUV YOU BONG TIME do its magic.

Each Packet is usable up to 5 TIMES!!!!

Unlike traditional cleaning methods, I LUV YOU BONG TIME uses a dry powder solute that activates with hot water to emulsify resins and completely eat away grime. Your glass deserves a cleaning with product in mind, while the traditional cleaning methods still work, the impact of unsafe chemicals on our waterways must be addressed. Made with a 100% Compostable formula, I LUV YOU BONG TIME is entirely sewer and septic safe. Be Kind to the Earth, and try I LUV YOU BONG TIME Glass Cleaner today!


1.Water-Soluble Natural Surfactants: Detergent that when added to liquid creates the foam and disperses the cleaner throughout the water.

2.Fortified Enzymes: Emulsifies and easily removes oils and hardened resins, while leaving a streak-free surface.

3.Alkalinity Balancers: Balances the pH to stay within the sweet spot for cleanings oils and resins.

4.Natural Citrus Fragrance: Leaves your glass smelling fresh and clean without any residual chemical smells!

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