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King Palm Cones - Purple Rose | King Size 3pk | 15 count

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King Palm Rose Cones are great for special occasions because they make any smoke session feel fancy and elevated. Delicate petals are rolled together to form sturdy cones to pack with flower. No two flower petals are identical, so each cone will have a unique pattern among the petals that are pressed and rolled together. A paper filter tip caps the end of the pre-roll for a classy finishing touch. The rose petals provide a subtle, sweet flavor that complements the natural flavors of the terpenes in the flower. These are the perfect gifts for girlfriends, moms, sisters, florists, cool professors, or anyone you want to give the gift of a special smoke session to. Display them prominently during female-geared holidays!

  • PURPLE ROSE | The Purple Rose Cones from King Palm are carefully crafted from gorgeous gold rose petals. Each cone will have a unique pattern because fresh petals are not identical.
  • FILTER TIP |  Each Rose Cone is pre-rolled with a paper filter tip built right in. The filter helps the roll to keep its shape and catches any debris before it is inhaled.
  • ROSE PETAL | The Rose Cones are assembled using fresh rose petals. These are pressed and rolled for a sturdy cone that has a subtle, sweet flavor that provides a delicious, natural smoke.
  • GIFT | Rose Cones make awesome gifts! These come in 3-pack boxes with cones neatly packed inside. Smoking a Rose Cone makes any situation feel special.
  • 15CT DISPLAY | Each retail counter display includes 15 individual boxes packed with 3 cones in each. Display these products prominently during gift-giving seasons!

These unique cones were carefully assembled by hand and made from the petals of fresh roses. Let the vibrant colors and the sweet smell of roses enter your session. King Palm always delivers the best all-natural smoking items to the world.

  • (3) Cones per pack
  • (15) Packs per display

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