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LuvBuds POS Pipe Display | 100 Pipes and 100 Chillums Included | Retail Display

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Nothing else like it in the industry! LuvBuds has invented the first POS pipe display to help you maximize $/customer at checkout. These bulk pipes and chillums are perfect for on-the-go use, and at a $5 suggested retail they fly off the shelves. Ideal disposable pipe for tourists and locals alike.

  • Set includes
    • 1 acrylic counter-top display
    • 100 pipes
    • 100 chillums
  • Works best when featured next to cash registers
  • Lighters sold separately. We can print your logo on Bics & Clippers, and these generic Bics & Clippers will fit as well.



Thank you very much for stopping by and bringing in the display cases, they look great!,I greatly appreciate your team being so easy to work with and being as helpful as everyone has been.




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Great service .Very timely matter.
Posted by John R. on Aug 10th 2017

Nice assortment of glass and display.

The price was right. The glass was better (and less expensive) than similar products we have been buying elsewhere. The display is good because it only takes up the footprint of a tray of lighters. Bic or Clipper lighters fit well. My only complaint (and it's a small one) is that not all of the glass pieces fit well into the display.
Posted by Kevin H. on Apr 14th 2017

Quality Retail Product

Great display for upselling small accessories at the point of sale!
Posted by Xavier J. on Mar 22nd 2017

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