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Pop Cones 'STRAWBERRY JAM ' King Size Pre-Rolled Retail Cones 109mm - 24 Count

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Are you ready to take your smoke sessions from ordinary to extraordinary? Look no further than our one-of-a-kind Pop Cones King size pre-rolled cones – the game-changers of the smoking world. What sets them apart from the rest? It's the secret ingredient that lies within – flavor beads! Nestled in the filter tip, these tiny flavor bombs are filled with tantalizing terpenes, waiting to burst forth and transform your smoke into a flavor-packed extravaganza. Simply give them a gentle squeeze and pop, and let the magic unfold. Each drag becomes a flavorful journey, as the terpenes dance on your tongue and elevate your smoking experience to new heights. Don't settle for ordinary; give your customers the extraordinary. Stock up on these fantastic margin builders and witness the buzz they create in your dispensary!

  • Size: King Size
  • Type: Unbleached Brown Cone
  • Total Length w/ Filter: 109mm
  • Filter Length: 26mm
  • Box Count: 24 Packs/Box, 3 Cones/Pack

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