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Royal Blunts | Rose Petal Blunts N Roses Wraps | Sweet Cherry

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**Love at First Light!**

When the Queen of Flowers meets the King of Wraps, what do you get? The Blunts N Roses by Royal Blunts, of course! Rose-infused and tobacco-free, these wraps don't just talk the talk; they walk the walk. Perfect for the discerning smoker seeking a sublime sweet burn. Think of them as a little botanical upgrade for your store. Preferred dispensary item? You bet! Fantastic margin builder? Absolutely! Two wraps in every pouch mean double the delight. Illuminate your inventory – this is the glow-up your store deserves!

Blunts N Roses are made by Royal Blunts makers of the popular XXL Blunt wraps.

  • Designed  for a sweet slow burn
  • 2 Wraps per Pouch 
  • 25 Pouches Per Box

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