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Silicone Wax Container | 31mm Sphere | 50 Pack Jar

SKU: WC-31mm-50PK
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Attention all dabbers! Do you hate it when your wax gets stuck to the bottom of your jar and you have to scrape it out with a pick like some kind of medieval alchemist? Well, fear no more! These spherical silicone wax containers are here to save the day and your sanity. With a diameter of 31mm, they're the perfect size to hold all your wax and keep it from sticking to the jar. Plus, with 50 containers in each jar, you'll have enough to last you through even the craziest holiday rush at your POS display. So why settle for messy, sticky wax when you can have it all neatly stored in these little balls of joy? Add them to your cart now and start dabbing like a pro!

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Width: 5.00
Height: 7.00
Depth: 5.00