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SirEEL Spill Proof Bubbler Nectar Collector Kit | Titanium Screw Tip


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Interstellar EELegance in Your Palm!

The SirEEL Spill Proof Bubbler Nectar Collector Kit isn't just compact; it's a universe of sensation in a pocket-sized form. Dock your dreams on the SirEEL Saucer, an intergalactic vessel or should we say flying saucer? Designed for your most precious concentrates with a radiant Titanium Screw Tip and the gravity-defying Saucer, we're not just talking about EELevation - we're talking light-years beyond! Zoom past the ordinary and make your dispensary the preferred galactic pit-stop! GET SirEEL! Elevation Beyond Imagination.

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Width: 3.50
Height: 4.50
Depth: 1.00