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Stündenglass Large Glass Üpstems | 2 Pack

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Set of 2 Clear Glass Üpstems! Watch the smoke travel up, down and out of the percolators with these sleek glass upstems creating an exceptionally clear presentation in your Stündenglass. Pair these with your device for a truly unique experience.

Simply remove your existing large upstems and replace them with these borosilicate glass pieces. WILL NOT WORK WITH SMALL GLOBES (SKU:SG2-SGK-GLSS-02) OR PINEAPPLE GLOBES.

Cleaning should be with isopropyl alcohol only. Soak them then flush them out with water. NOT DISHWASHER SAFE.

Compatible with all Gravity Infusers.

 *Disclaimer: Not compatible with v.1 Stündenglass or Kompact 

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