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White Rhino Flip Chillum to Straw - Glow in the Dark - Quartz Tip | 49ct

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The White Rhino Flip Chillum to Straw is an ultra-portable piece that allows you to smoke both flower and wax easily on the go! This is an incredibly simple piece. Insert the wide end with the pointed quartz tip extended to use the Flip as a nectar collector. Just heat the glass tip with a torch, and insert into the jar of concentrates to dab.

Switching over the flower couldn’t be easier. Simply insert the pointed end into the silicone tube, and pack the chillum end with ground flower. Light the bowl and inhale, that’s all there is to it. The Flip Tip makes enjoying whatever product you have on hand a breeze. This is a unique, patent-pending glass tip that is only compatible with the Flip silicone tube.

Each Flip silicone tube glows in the dark, and the quartz glass Flip Tip is extremely heat resistant. Special grooves inside the tube allow the Flip Tip to insert perfectly with an airtight seal in either direction. Each tip is 2” tall, and when the tip’s chillum end is inserted, the entire device stands 5.25” tall. This display includes 7 different glow in the dark tie dye mixes, with 7 of each color option for a total of 49 Flip Chillum to Straws.


  • 49ct counter display

  • Glow in the dark silicone

  • 7 color options

  • Quartz glass Flip Tip

  • Nectar collector function

  • Chillum function

  • Extremely heat resistant

  • Easy to clean

  • Reusable

  • 2” glass tip

Quick cleaning tip: The silicone tube will attract dust and lint over time. Take a piece of tape and rub up and down the tube to clean.

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