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White Rhino Silicone Dab Out - Glow in the Dark - Quartz Straw | 21ct

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The Dab Out is an innovative dugout for concentrates that makes the dabbing experience portable and accessible just about anywhere. Made out of a heat-resistant, glow in the dark silicone, the Dab Out acts as both a stash jar for wax and an all-in-one device to take the dab with. The tools are housed in the silicone body, which also provides 3 separate compartments down the side to store different strains of extracts.

Remove the cap and pull out the quartz glass straw. Aim the torch at the pointed tip and heat until it glows red, so it will be hot enough to vaporize the wax without wasting any product. There is a small indent near the tip that acts as a splashguard, preventing any hot globs of wax from being inhaled. Sitting next to the glass straw is a small metal packing tool that makes handling extracts easy. Load the concentrates into a jar or container, or dab directly out of the compartments on the side.

Each Dab Out Display includes 7 different glow in the dark color mixes in a variety of pastel options. There are 3 of each color option in each cardboard display. The display base is the only packaging included, so your customers will be able to handle the product directly and see exactly what it includes and how it functions right away. Displays include 21 individual Dab Out items.


  • 21ct counter display

  • Glow in the dark silicone

  • 7 color options

  • Quartz glass nectar straw

  • Metal dab tool

  • Nectar collector function

  • Concentrate dugout

  • 3 extract storage compartments

  • Extremely heat resistant

Quick cleaning tip: Silicone will attract dust and lint over time. Take a piece of tape and rub up and down the dugout to clean.

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