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White Rhino Silicone Spinner Carb Cap and Concentrate Jar Display | 45ct

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The Spinner Jar is an accessory that looks incredibly simple and not very exciting, but it actually has more function than one might expect. Store up to a few grams of concentrates in the jar compartment. Simply lift off the interlocking lid to access the contents. This inner chamber can also be used as a dab dish. Load in the concentrates and use a dab straw or nectar collector to directly dab out of the Spinner. The innovation really comes to light when the Spinner Jar is flipped upside down. This reveals the special angled grooves around the bottom that allow this container to double as a Spinner carb cap. Spinner carb caps use directed airflow channels to create a vortex inside the banger that whips up every last drop of oil, leaving no wasted product behind. This vortex is also what makes terp pearls spin in a banger, further ensuring all the wax is dabbed. This is a super compact POP display that includes 45 individual pieces. There are 5 different tie-dye color mixes to choose from.

  • SPINNER JAR | The Spinner Jar is an innovative accessory that has multiple functions for concentrates. The most obvious function is storing wax concentrates securely in an airtight chamber that keeps contents fresh.
  • SILICONE | This is an entirely silicone piece that is made of high quality materials and is extremely heat-resistant. This is safe to use with a hot nail or banger.
  • CARB CAP | The Spinner Jar is also a spinner carb cap. There are grooves along the underside that create a vortex inside a banger when the Spinner is placed on top. This makes sure all the wax is vaporized, and helps terp pearls spin.
  • DAB DISH | In addition to using the Spinner Jar for storage and as a carb cap, it can also be used as a dab dish. Load in a dab, and use the Spinner to dab out of with a nectar collector.
  • 45CT DISPLAY | This is a compact and professional POP display that has 45 pieces packed neatly inside. There are 5 different tie dye color mixes included.

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